Bergamot Studio

My husband's family has a beach house on Vashon Island that has been in the family for 3 generations. It is shared by many family members and we are lucky enough to get it for a few weekends a year. Vashon Island is a beautiful, lush, fairly rural island just a 20 minute ferry ride from Seattle.  Last weekend my husband and I snuck out there last minute for a couple of very relaxing days and decided to explore the island a bit. We did a hike in one park and were on our way to another, driving through the town of Burton, in a part of the island I'd never been to, when I saw a sign saying "vintage-inspired modern textile design." Of course I demanded we stop immediately. 

I was so happy to discover Bergamot Studio, a lovely shop and working studio run by textile designer Kassana Holden. When I walked in she and another woman were cutting prints of Kassana's designs to make greeting cards. She has four wide-format ink jet printers in the back where she prints her designs on silk and paper to make scarves, pendant lamps, pillows, greeting cards, framed prints, and decorative papers, among other things. She also carries work by other local artists including wood, leather goods, ceramics, and jewelry.

Kassana has 25 years in textiles and product development and struck out on her own just a couple of years ago to start making and selling her own work. She is doing fantastic things combining vintage fabric with her own designs for a very unique effect. She also takes on custom projects using her printers. It was so much fun talking "shop" with Kassana and learning about her experiences in textile design. I highly recommend visiting her shop if you are ever on Vashon Island!