Make Art That Sells E-Course

I just finished up a 5 week odyssey into art-making courtesy of top art agent, Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells e-course. I signed up for this class back in the winter when I was working full-time, making no art, and pretty down about it. I thought the class would be a bright spot on the horizon and a good kick in the pants once I had time to start creating again. And boy was I right! Each week focused on a different market: Week 1: Bolt Fabric, Week 2: Home Decor, Week 3: Children’s Books, Week 4: Wall Art, Week 5: Gift. Some of the markets I knew I was interested in (bolt fabric, wall art). Others I knew would be a huge stretch (children’s books).

Lilla gave us tons of information on what buyers in each of these markets are looking for and lots of tools to help us create. The structure of the class was really helpful for me. A mini/warm-up assignment on Monday’s to get us sketching and then the big assignment each Wednesday that incorporated what we’d worked on in the mini. Assignments were due on Sunday’s and shared in the private Flickr group. It was so fun to see the immense variety of work submitted by a lot of very talented and experienced artists from all over the world. Just seeing everyone’s work and hearing Lilla’s video review of 15-20 select pieces at the end of each week was very educational.

I was really honored to have my last piece, the “hyper-lush” art for a zipper pouch, included in Lilla’s review. I wasn’t really that excited about the assignment and had very little time to complete it as I was going out of town that week. But once I started on it I decided to go for it, try to overcome my tendency toward minimalism and subtle colors, and punch things up. I really stretched myself the most on this one and it payed off. I learned a lot from this and now want to go back and re-work the earlier assignments to try to punch them up as well. I think I still need to find that balance between maintaining my own style and taking it to the next level, but I feel like I’m off to a good start. I’m excited about the ground I’ve gained in the last 5 weeks and all the tools, tips, tricks, and inspiration I’ve taken away. Now I just need to keep up the momentum. Thanks Lilla!


Artwork by Laurie Baars for the Make Art that Sells e-course