Moyo Magazine Feature

My pomegranates design is featured in the latest issue of Moyo Magazine (see page 48)! Several weeks ago I was contacted by Louise Gale, one of the contributors to Moyo, asking if it was OK to include my design in a red color stories feature in the upcoming issue. I wasn't even sure how she'd found it and only later recalled that I'd submitted this design to Moyo in a call for entries several months prior. 

This particular design was one of two that I did for a Spoonflower contest last year. I was torn between the two designs and ended up submitting the other, which came in 15th out of about 200 entries (and is my current Twitter background pattern). I secretly always liked this one better though and am so pleased that someone else felt the same.

Moyo is a great new online magazine about surface pattern design started by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls, the two women who started the surface design class I took last year. Be sure to check it out!

Ethereal Pomegranates by Laurie Baars